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Purification of bad-smelling emissions at industrial enterprises

Production of atmospheric emissions purification systems

Innovative solutions for emissions purification at enterprises

Free assessment of the purification project implementation
Plug-and-produce equipment of emission points
Assistance in complying with emission standards
Help get rid of people’s repeated complaints
Removal of volatile organic compounds

Plazkat Air Purification Units

Plazkat produces systems for purification of air from industrial emissions
Plazkat systems are reliable, easy to maintain, and highly-productive
Тестирование систем очистки воздуха бесплатно в течение месяца

Facts of Plazkat

It is part

of an international group of companies

Over 200 units

Installed at enterprises of various industries

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Odor control

Emissions control


Emissions control
with hard conditions

Trusted purification systems

Extended warranty up to                    Contract supervision and commissioning
10 years

In-house manufacture

In-house engineering department

Ex-stock delivery

Delivery at place

Supply of equipment in advance

Return of equipment in case of efficiency below the declared

Plazkat control system

Plazkat control system is Plazkat units remote monitoring system,
and an in-house design of our company. Transmits unit operation data,
captures characteristics of the gas-air flow, and regulates operation of the unit.

All-round monitoring of the unit

Remotely obtain Plazkat system operation data

Access to unit control devices from a PC or mobile device

The service interface is fitted for convenient operation from any device

Emergency prevention

If any of parameters do not meet the criteria for start-up or operation,
the unit is automatically turned off, until these parameters
are normalized in automatic or manual mode.


Leave a request for the Plazkat system selection

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For consulting, please contact our specialist +420775493715

Why do you need install our pilot system?

Because you will know

1. Emission conditions
а. types of emissions
   b. amount of emissions
   c. Real flowrate
   d. Humidity and temperature of pollutions
2. What kind of technology will be better for you
3. How to save your money on the purchase of our equipment
Тестирование систем очистки воздуха бесплатно в течение месяца

What will be the price of industrial installation?

Catalyst on the basis of the mixed balance metals

The phrase "plasma catalysis" implies a catalyst plasma activation technology. In order to ensure high efficiency of this process it is necessary to choose the components, used in the catalysts, to decompose certain substances. Al2О3 based catalysts proved themselves the best, they are durable, capable of regeneration, resistant to poisoning and safe to use.

The catalyst, used for the cold plasma technology, works within the range up to 100 ˚С, this ensures its greater reliability and durability.

Unlike coal, metal catalysts are capable of the thermal regeneration, that allows to use it 50 times longer than activated carbon.

Our catalysts are not combustible; therefore, you can use them in the fire-hazardous premises and in the combustible gases' flow.

Automated control system

In order to control the modules, we use a high-frequency generator, based on the frequency converter, allowing to manage the voltage within 0-12 Kz and frequency 400-600 Hz. It gives an opportunity to set and regulate power of the generated plasma, adjusting to the conditions of the emission point. Each system is equipped with the contamination control sensors that allows to monitor the unit's performance efficiency online. You can disconnect the unitfrom the general ventilation and switch to the emergency gas flue, using the control of the electric drives, dampers and valves in case of emergency. Temperature and other parameters' monitoring at the inlet and outlet of the unit as well as monitoring of the other systems, are performed around the clock. The operation data is sent to the central server, where there performed analysis and development of actions, aimed at efficiency increase, power consumption reduction and operation stabilization.


Power supply unit

The transformers used in the power supply units that supply a high-voltage high-frequency signal to the plasma modules are manufactured using special technology, allowing to enter power up to 4 kW in small dimensions. Each transformer is equipped with the overheat censor that allows to monitor their operation, preventing failure. In case of a plasma module breakdown, the system itself identifies the source of the malfunction and disables the malfunctioning modules' block, sending a respective signal to the control panel.


A plasma module is a powerful cold plasma generator. The module assembly technology in combination with the construct and materials, make the module durable and highly efficient. Each plasma module is subject to three inspection stages.

First stage- failure operation (triple overpowering) within a day.

Second stage- operation in the worse conditions (2 hours under the influence of dust and suspended particles, 2 hours under water)

Third stage- operation without blowing within 2 hours.

Due to this approach our modules are the most reliable, effective and durable.


Unit's casings

Plasma reactor's casing is made of structural extruded aluminium with central-frame panels (made in Italy).

It has a unique non-combustible coating, protecting against aggressive media such as alkalis and acids.

A catalyst reactor casing is a hybrid of a classic catalytic column with know-how elements, allowing to use it in a limited space with maximum efficiency. Catalyst dumpings and loadings mechanism allows to serve the reactor quickly and easily. Ergonomic design solution allows to use large catalyst volumes in a small space.

”Private Company Buranchicov V.P.” IK, RUSSIA, 2004 y.

Process: painting process of ceramic tile

  • Air Flowrate - 7 000 m3/h
  • Flowrate temparature    in

“Plant of tank production” ltd. RF, samara, 2006 y.

Process: painting of steel tanks.

  • Air flowrate – 8500 m3/h
  • Flowrate temperature in average: + 50 °C
  • Harmful gaseous substances – CxHy, aromatic hydrocarbons

Measurement sheet

“Vakaru metalgama” BLRT GRUPP, Klaipeda, Lithuania 2014 Y.

Process: robotic painting of steel plates for ships.

  • Air flowrate – 300 m3/h
  • Harmful gaseous substances – CxHy

Measurement sheet

Company details

Technological Institute of Plasma Application s.r.o.
Registered office:                             
Mrštíkova 885/4, 709 00  Ostrava – Mariánské Hory, Czech Republic
IČ /registration number:                             
DIČ/ tax registration number:                  

tel.:    +420 596 616 600
mob:  +420 776 650 582
fax:    +420 596 616 600

Project manager: Milan Geidos
mob: +420 775 493 715

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